Actress Going After Restaurant for Burn Injury in Slip-and-Fall

Actress Going After Restaurant for Burn Injury in Slip-and-Fall

People enjoy dining out all the time and in most cases dining out is not a dangerous or hazardous activity. However, when a restaurant is not careful and neglects to ensure the safety of all its guests, then sometimes accidents do happen and people do get injured. When that happens, the injured person might consider pursuing compensatory damages.

Actress Tori Spelling is still reportedly suffering from burn injuries she suffered when she slipped and fell at a popular restaurant and landed on a hot grill. According to reports, the actress was dining out at a Benihana restaurant location when she fell on the grill and suffered second and third-degree burns on her right arm. The actress has field a lawsuit against the restaurant chain claiming the restaurant was negligent. Her burns were so bad, according to the lawsuit that she had to be hospitalized and undergo surgery.

She is seeking more than $25,000 in damages, according to court documents, for lost wages, medical expenses and loss of earning capacity, among other things. She is apparently seeking a jury trial in her lawsuit. Her injuries are apparently very severe and she has been seen wearing protective coverings and bandages. She even reportedly had to receive skin grafts to repair the damage to her arm. There were no reports as to why Ms. Spelling slipped in the first place or how the restaurant acted negligently.

Slip and fall accidents, as well as burn injuries can lead to a lot of secondary problems. Often these types of injuries end up having lasting effects. In Ms. Spelling’s case, she has been unable to work, which has caused her to lose wages. Anyone else that suffers a similar injury could also lose the ability to work and thus suffer wage loss as well. There are also other possible damages to collect when people suffer these types of injuries, including pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life.

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