Bicyclist Hurt By Drywall Sues Construction Company

Bicyclist Hurt By Drywall Sues Construction Company

A bicyclist was hurt by drywall while riding his bike in Cook County. According to the lawsuit, the cyclist was knocked from his bike by construction crew personnel who were attempting to cross the street while carrying a large piece of drywall. The cyclist collided with the drywall, causing serious and permanent injuries. The lawsuit alleges the construction company was negligent and caused the man’s injuries. The man is seeking damages of more than the jurisdictional limits, and is requesting a jury trial.

Bicycle Accidents

According to a recent report put out by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), accidents involving bicycles are continuing to rise in the United States. Unfortunately, injuries suffered by bicyclists are often of a very serious nature. When a bike rider is thrown from the bicycle he may suffer injuries that include bruises, broken bones, head trauma, back injuries, and internal injuries. Head trauma is a frequent result of bike accidents, and could result in a permanent disability.

Negligent Actions

In this case, the bicyclist claims that the construction workers were attempting to cross the street while carrying a large sheet of drywall when the accident happened. Apparently, the workers did not see the bike rider as he was approaching. They walked immediately in front of the cyclist, causing him to be knocked off his bike. The workers were negligent because they failed to yield the right of way and did not adequately supervise their work. The negligence caused the accident to occur.

Responsibility for the Accident

Because the construction workers were negligent, they are held responsible for causing the accident. The bicycle rider was simply riding along, doing nothing wrong, when the workers stepped in front of him with the construction materials. Had they simply looked both ways before attempting to cross the street, they would have seen the bike rider, and the accident could have been avoided. Responsibility for the accident is also known as liability. The construction company is named in the lawsuit as being liable for the injuries.

Seeking Justice

When a serious accident happens, there are likely to be significant medical expenses, along with other costs associated with the incident. Sometimes the best way to get the compensation you deserve is with a lawsuit. The lawsuit will require parties to present their cases to the court, unless the case is settled before getting that far.

Your attorney will prepare your case and present evidence that will prove both negligence and liability in the accident. If the other party is found to be responsible for the accident and injuries, you may be entitled to compensation for all of your damages. These include your medical costs, lost wages, future medical care, and money for pain and suffering. If the injury is permanent, as in this instance, the damages include additional monies for loss of enjoyment of life, among other things. If you or a loved one suffered a serious bicycle injury because of the negligence of another, contact the experienced attorneys at the office of Michael T. Friedman & Associates for a consultation today.



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