Botched Fumigation Behind Young Boy’s Serious Loss of Brain Function

Botched Fumigation Behind Young Boy’s Serious Loss of Brain Function

People can suffer all kinds of injuries from all kinds of different circumstances. Sometimes, accidents just happen and no one really is to blame, but in many other instances individuals or companies act negligently or carelessly and people are hurt when they otherwise would have been OK.

A young boy is suffering from the affects of brain damage after he apparently became ill from a fumigation job that went bad. The 10-year-old boy and his family members reportedly all got sick after they reentered their home when the pest control company assured them that it was OK to return. The pest control company sprayed the home for termites in August and two days later told the family they could return. Almost immediately the family started to feel sick. Everyone experienced vomiting, but the 10-year-old boy’s condition worsened. According to reports, he was having trouble talking and even standing up.

The boy’s father, mother and sister eventually overcame their symptoms, but the boy just kept getting more ill. Now, after spending several weeks in the hospital he is barely able to speak and reportedly he only has bout 10 percent of his motor skills still remaining. Additionally, he can no longer use his left leg and arm. According to another family member the boy is unable to speak and he cannot move around how he would like. Because of the incident, the Department of Agricultural and Consumer Services together with the Department of Justice is investigating the incident and the Pest Control Company has been prohibited from doing any more fumigation at this time.

This is obviously a terrible tragedy that this boy and his family have suffered, and by all accounts one that could have been avoided if the pest control company had been more careful. Now, because these mistakes were made this boy’s life could be altered forever. Anyone in the Chicago area that has been injured or become seriously ill due to negligence from another party might want to consider a personal injury lawsuit. If you are going through this kind of situation right now, then please contact the law office of Michael T. Friedman & Associates, PC in Chicago. We will aggressively pursue all the damages to which you are entitled. You can meet with us and explain your case by calling us at 312-339-8816 or by connecting with us online.



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