Car-Bike Crash Leaves Teen With Serious Head Injury

Car-Bike Crash Leaves Teen With Serious Head Injury

When vehicles crash with one another the results are often very negative. At the very least the vehicles suffer severe damage, and unfortunately, many accidents leave the vehicle occupants with serious injuries. Sometimes motor vehicle accidents even end up fatal. No car accident is good, but imagine when an accident involves a motor vehicle and a bicycle. The results are often much worse for the cyclist in these kinds of accidents. Given that they have very little protection to keep them safe, their injuries are often life altering if not fatal. That’s why anyone who is hurt while riding a bike because of a reckless or careless driver, should be fairly compensated.

A woman was left with serious injuries after a car hit her while he was riding her bike. The unidentified woman was reportedly attempting to cross the street in the designated crosswalk when the vehicle in question struck her. The woman’s condition was not known at the tie of this report, but she was taken to the hospital via ambulance after suffering what were reported as significant injuries. The accident is still under investigation, but neighbors who live close to the intersection say that they are not surprised that this accident took place.

At the time of this report, officers had not issued any citations to either the biker or the motorist. They have not said whether or not they believe speed or alcohol were a factor in the crash, either. It remains to be seen what caused this accident and who is at fault. If investigators determine that the motorist was careless or reckless in any way then he or she could be held liable for the injuries to the biker, which could lead to a personal injury lawsuit.

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