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If you are suffering from a dog bite injury in Ashburn, you are probably worried about how you will pay the medical bills that are accumulating as you receive treatment for the wound and attempt to heal from the incident. Under Illinois dog bite laws, you are entitled to compensation from the owner of the dog, regardless of whether the dog owner knew their dog could be dangerous or not.

Dog Owners Are Held Liable in Illinois

This is called strict liability, and Illinois stands firm on strict liability where dog bites are concerned. You do not even have to be bit by a dog to be entitled to recovering compensation for injuries. In fact, if a dog in Ashburn runs at you while you are walking down the road, jumps on you, and knocks you down, any injuries still fall under Illinois dog bite law. If a dog jumps on you and scratches you so deeply that a wound is left on your arm or leg, the injury also falls under Illinois dog bite law.

If you are the victim of a dog bite in Ashburn or you received an injury that is dog-related, Illinois law states that the owner of the dog is responsible for paying all of the medical bills that are related to the treatment of the dog-related injury. There are only two exceptions to this rule, and those exceptions are also part of Illinois dog bite law.

The Two Exceptions to Illinois Dog Bite Law

You cannot provoke a dog and then turn around and complain that the dog bit you or retaliated against you. For example, if you purposely hit a dog and then the dog bites you, you cannot go after the owner of the dog for compensation for your injuries. This is called provoking the dog. The other exception to the dog bite law in Illinois is trespassing. If you are not legally permitted to be on the property where and when the dog bit you, you may not be able to hold the dog owner liable for your injuries.

Recovering Expenses for Your Injuries

As long as the owner of the dog cannot prove that you provoked the dog or trespassed on his property, you can pursue a dog bite injury lawsuit against the owner of the dog to recover your medical costs, past, present, and future. You can also request for the court to make the owner pay you for any income you have lost while recovering from the dog bite incident, as well as future income loss. Compensation for pain and suffering, property damage, and loss of consortium, if your injury caused problems within your family or marriage relationships, can also be pursued.

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