Best Auto Accident Lawyer Chicago

Best Auto Accident Lawyer Chicago

It is important to remember that you are only going to get one chance to settle your auto accident claim. A lawyer can make money countering an insurance adjuster’s claim with a 30% higher offer, taking a third of that money, and moving on to the next one without ever having looked at your case or your injuries. These settlement mills operate on volume and are the so-called ambulance chasers of our trade. The question then becomes: What qualities do the best personal injury attorneys all have in common?

Here, we will take a look at which qualities we believe are the most significant.

They Personalize Your Plan of Attack

The majority of auto accident lawsuits in which injured parties employ the aid of lawyers involve serious injuries. Those are injuries that require surgeries, a period of rehab or missed time from work, all of which are things for which a plaintiff is entitled to collect damages.

This is where having a skilled attorney can pay off. Insurance adjusters will likely only offer you compensation for damages like medical expenses. Even in those cases, they may question the presence of pre-existing injuries or the severity of your injuries.

They may claim that an accident worsened but did not cause an injury. The impact of that assertion could ripple across your ability to be compensated for missed time from work and pain and suffering.

A skilled attorney will account for all of a plaintiff’s damages. That includes damages that will not be found on a medical report. If you suffered a serious injury that prevented you from playing tennis, you are entitled to collect for that loss. Every loss you suffer as a result of another’s negligence is something for which you are entitled to collect damages.

They Have Experience Litigating Auto Accidents in Chicago

It often happens that police reports do not tell the full story. In point of fact, they may tell a very misleading story about what happened. That is because the police officer on the scene is more concerned with clearing the scene and seeing that everyone is safe than helping you prepare your lawsuit. Skilled personal injury attorneys understand the local lay of the land and will prepare a courtroom-ready case framing the at-fault driver as the principal cause of the accident.

Your Attorney is Willing to Go to Trial

Insurance companies employ claims adjuster software which sets a number to your individual case. Part of the information this software collects is a list of personal injury attorneys who avoid taking cases to trial. The software is all well and good until a case goes before a jury. Then it becomes practically useless. Plaintiffs who are awarded fair settlements are those who hold the threat of trial over the insurance company.

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