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When You Get Injured in a Car Accident, Call An Experienced Beverly Car Accident Lawyer

Michael T. Friedman has helped the people in Beverly, Illinois recover compensation for their injuries since 1992. In fact, the majority of personal injury lawsuits that are successfully won by Michael T. Friedman & Associates PC are car crashes and truck crashes.

Were you injured in a car wreck or truck wreck in Beverly, Illinois?

Every car accident is different. Some car accidents are minor and those involved do not incur many injuries or damage to their vehicles. Other accidents are serious, such as large truck accidents, and can result in severe injury and often death of the parties involved. If you or someone you love has suffered personal injuries in a car accident or a truck accident In Beverly, Illinois, it is crucial to speak to a lawyer about your situation as soon as you possibly can.

Are You A Car Accident Victim?

If you were the victim in a car accident, whether it was minor or serious, you are entitled to monetary compensation. There will be medical bills to pay, now and possibly in the future. You can also receive compensation for any pain and suffering you have endured, as well as time that you have lost at your place of employment. At Michael T. Friedman & Associates PC, once we review your case in detail, we will help you prove that the other driver in the car accident was at fault.

Was the Other Driver Negligent?

If the other driver was negligent, our firm will work hard to show that the individual was to blame for reckless driving or drinking and driving. If the other driver was texting while driving or talking on their cell phone when the car accident happened, we will prove that the other driver was negligently driving distracted. Our firm has the resources necessary to help you not only prove that the other driver was negligent in their actions, but to also win the compensation you deserve. At Michael T. Friedman & Associates PC, we will guide you, every step of the way, as you journey through the tedious process of filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Beverly, Illinois Injury Cases

You do not have to be a passenger or a driver of a car to be injured in a car accident or truck accident. Here are some other cases we handle that involve vehicles:

Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents

When a bicyclist or a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, the results are often catastrophic. They are much more vulnerable to suffering severe injuries than someone who is riding in a car. Most of these types of accidents are the consequence of negligent drivers.

ATV Accidents

All-terrain vehicles, otherwise known as ATVs, are mostly used for enjoyment and recreation. Typically, these vehicles are equipped with four wheels and intended for only one person at a time, which would be the driver. Sometimes, the enjoyment and recreation leads to serious accidents and severe injuries.  

Get the Help You Need Now!

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a car accident in Beverly, Illinois, you deserve a law firm that will aggressively fight to recover any damages and compensation you are entitled to. Contact a Beverly car accident lawyer today for a free consultation at 312-339-8816.   

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