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Shipping and trucking companies and the drivers who transport their goods are supposed to follow specific procedures and safety guidelines to ensure that other motorists on the roads are not in any jeopardy. Unfortunately, all of the safety guidelines in the world do not prevent innocent drivers and passengers on the roads of Beverly from getting seriously injured when truck accidents occur.

If you are suffering injuries from a truck accident that happened in Beverly, IL, you are most likely overwhelmed with the weight of everything on your shoulders. You are dealing with pushy insurance adjusters that just want to close a claim, confusing claim forms, doctors’ appointments, and numerous other intricacies that are necessary in the aftermath of accidents. It is a lot for anyone to handle. You need someone you can trust to take over.

We Aggressively Protect Your Best Interests After a Truck Accident

At Michael T. Friedman & Associates PC, we take the weight off of your shoulders after a Beverly truck accident. You are busy enough trying to recover from your injuries and handling your personal life the best you can. Let our experienced Beverly truck accident attorneys take over and fight for your best interests.

Call our office at 312-339-8816 for a free evaluation of your case or fill out our short online form and one of our Beverly truck accident lawyers will get back to you shortly.  

We Get Justice for You and Your Family

It is vital to not only know your legal rights, but to also stand up for your rights. Your financial responsibilities will not disappear just because you were injured. In fact, the injuries that you have sustained are most likely affecting your entire life as you knew it in ways that you would not have ever imagined. We understand that you have a lot on your mind, but if you want justice, it is crucial to take action now.  

Our Beverly truck accident lawyers have represented truck accident victims for over two decades now. Whether you are the person with injuries or the family member of someone who lost their life in an accident, our law firm will fight to get the justice that you deserve. Regardless of what caused the accident, we will hunt down the parties who are responsible for the injuries and work incessantly to hold all responsible parties accountable for what they did.  

We Are There For You

No doubt, you have a ton of questions. “How am I going to pay my bills?” “How are we going to hold the truck driver responsible?” “When will my car be repaired?” You need answers. You deserve answers. That is what we are here for.

The law firm of Michael T. Friedman & Associates PC is here to answer your questions and put your mind at ease during this stressful time. Don’t put it off any longer. Give us a call at 312-339-8816 for a free consultation. You can also fill out our short online form and one of our Beverly truck accident lawyers will contact you shortly. We look forward to helping you out.

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