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There is perhaps nothing more devastating and anxiety-inducing for a parent than to see a child injured in an accident. To watch your little one endure pain, suffering, and other anguish is upsetting, but there are other implications as well. Many children’s injuries require medical treatment, so you could incur exorbitant bills. Plus, your child may suffer emotional problems, meaning life may never be the same for him or her.

Children have a special status under Illinois law, so it is still possible to seek compensation for accident-related losses just as an adult could. However, the process for filing a claim, negotiating a settlement, going to court, and receiving funds is much more complicated when the child is a victim. You can rely on the dedicated attorneys at  Michael T. Friedman & Associates to protect your child’s interests after an accident, as we have been serving Northern Illinois young victims and their families since 1992.

Fighting for the Rights of Your Loved Ones

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, accidents are the leading cause of death and injuries to children. Annually, more than 12,000 minors are killed and more than 9.2 million are treated in emergency rooms for injuries due to accidents, many of which are a result of someone’s negligence. Examples include:

  • Motor Vehicle Accidents, including collisions involving cars, light trucks, semis, and motorcycles;
  • Burns, such as from dangerous conditions on property, chemicals, or defective products;
  • Drowning in swimming pools, lakes, rivers, and streams;
  • Falls due to hazards present on a negligent property owner’s premises, such as rides at carnivals or trampolines;
  • Dog Bites, where the owner did not properly secure the animal;
  • Birth Injuries, resulting from medical mistakes or errors by healthcare providers;
  • Poisoning from consuming substances in improperly marked containers;
  • Bicycle, ATV, Dirt Bike, Snowmobile, and Other Small Motorized Vehicle Accidents, due to another driver’s carelessness; and,
  • Many other types of incidents involving negligence.

Our knowledgeable lawyers can assist you with a claim for compensation if your child is injured due to the negligent acts of another person. We are committed to pursuing the responsible party, whether it is a careless driver, physician, healthcare facility, product manufacturer, or property owner.

Special Considerations in Children’s Injury Cases

It is important to note that a child’s status as a minor does not allow him or her to file a claim under Illinois law, and minors cannot accept compensation for a personal injury matter. In cases over a certain dollar amount, you must obtain court approval for funds due to a settlement; the money must be deposited in an approved account until the victim turns 18. If it is necessary to file a lawsuit, you must officially open an estate and have the court appoint a personal representative to handle the claim, the money, and all related matters.

Trust an Experienced Chicago, IL Lawyer with Your Children’s Injury Case

Personal injury law in Illinois is the primary focus of our practice Michael T. Friedman & Associates, so we fight to obtain full compensation for the losses resulting from children’s injuries. Please contact our Chicago, IL offices at 312-339-8816 or visit our website to schedule a consultation with one of our skilled attorneys.

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