Best Chicago Personal Injury Attorney

Best Chicago Personal Injury Attorney

There are many excellent practicing personal injury attorneys in the Chicago area, but many folks labor over the decision of which attorney is best for them. The answer depends on what the injured party is seeking to gain from the action. There are obvious answers like they are available to talk, they have a deep knowledge of your case, and they are willing to fight if need be. So, for most of those who are looking for a skilled personal injury attorney, there are red flags that steer us in another direction.

When you have found an attorney with whom you can communicate, with has a vested interest in your case, and who has a plan of attack against an at-fault party, then you know you have found someone who will take your case seriously. So, what are some of the red flags that you should note when choosing the right injury attorney for you?

They Tend to be Focused on Settlement

There are attorneys practicing law who never see the inside of a courtroom. In some cases, this is justified, but for personal injury attorneys, trial experience makes a huge difference. When you file a claim against an at-fault party’s insurance, the insurance company is hoping to settle the suit for a fraction of what the case is worth. They can do this and make a good living at it because they operate on pure volume. In many cases, their clients do not even notice the problem because the attorney got more money than the insurance company was offering.

Nonetheless, their signature on the settlement robbed them of any chance of litigating the suit further. Attorneys can make a living doing this without ever even opening up your file.

They Tend to Have a Huge Amount of Clients

Personal injury attorneys who operate on volume tend to settle cases out as quickly as they get them. The insurance company sends them an offer, the attorney ups the number, the insurance company sends another offer, and they accept it. The case is off their desk as soon as it comes it. Meanwhile, the patient may be suffering from lifelong impairments and chronic pain, but the attorney did not have the patience to wait for a doctor’s results. This process is generally fine for minor fender benders with bumps and bruises, but it is not doing those with serious injuries any good.

Beware of Settlement Mills

As an injured party, you only have one chance to recover damages for your accident. If you waste that chance on a firm that makes its money by settling out, then you will never have it back again, no matter how bad your injuries. You need a firm that is willing to hold the threat of a trial over the insurance company and the defendant’s head.

The personal injury lawyers at Michael T. Friedman & Associates have the experience and passion you need to recover a fair settlement that represents the full value of your injuries. Give us a call at (312) 339-8816 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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