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Many car accidents and truck accidents are the direct consequence of negligent driving, or failing to drive safely. If another motorist is responsible for causing you damage and injuries, he is liable for the expenses that you are currently incurring. The lawyers at Michael T. Friedman & Associates PC will fight aggressively for the compensation you are entitled to during the process of your Mount Greenwood, Illinois personal injury lawsuit.

The Aftermath of a Mount Greenwood, Illinois Car Accident

When you are involved in a car accident in Mount Greenwood, Illinois, you have probably already figured out that the crash was just the beginning of the mess you will face. You may be answering phone calls from your insurance company, as well as the other driver’s insurance company. An adjuster may have paid you a visit. If you were injured, the medical bills are piling up and you are losing time off of work.  

Reading the Traffic Collision Report – What You Need to Know

On top of all of this, you may not be able to figure out how to read the traffic collision report. If you have hired a Mount Collision, Illinois car accident lawyer, you can hand the report over to them, if you think it is important. However, if you are trying to struggle through the claim process on your own, the law offices of Michael T. Friedman & Associates PC are here to help you better understand what you need to know about the traffic collision report.

While you may think it is important to comprehend how to read the traffic collision report and understand what has been reported in it, you need to realize that the courts will not allow these reports to be entered as evidence for trial. Sometimes, police officers make mistakes in these reports, and the courts understand this. Therefore, just because it has been written on the traffic collision report, does not mean that it is fact.

The officer who filled out the traffic collision report may have decided that you were at fault for the accident. If you feel strongly that you are not at fault, do not fret. The report will not be used in the claims process, and if you do end up going to trial for a personal injury lawsuit, it will not be used as evidence. Trial courts have long known that these reports are filled out in the middle of confusion, therefore, they are usually riddled with omissions, errors, and even allocate the blame to the wrong driver.

Hire a Mount Greenwood, Illinois Car Accident Attorney

If you are still worried about the traffic collision report after reading this, you should contact an experienced Mount Greenwood, Illinois car accident attorney who can help you through the process of the auto insurance claim and, if necessary, a personal injury lawsuit. It is important to gain closure as quickly as possible after a car accident. This way, you can deal with your medical bills and house bills and move on with your life as it was before the accident.  

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