Rolling Meadows Dog Bite Lawyers

Rolling Meadows Dog Bite Lawyers

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Pet owners have a duty to safely maintain their animals and ensure they don’t pose a threat to others. Failure of this legal obligation can result in serious injuries to the victim of an attack, including bites and infections.

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It’s critical to consult with a skilled personal injury attorney at Michael T. Friedman & Associates right away if you’ve been injured in an encounter with an animal whose owner was negligent. We understand the devastating effects such an injury can have, and we provide the attention to detail you need to pursue the responsible parties.

Pet Owners Can Be Held Responsible Under Illinois Law

In Illinois, the law places responsibility upon dog owners to properly secure their pets so that they don’t cause harm to other people. The Animal Control Act provides legal remedies in a dog bite case, if the victim proves that:

  • The animal caused an injury during an attack or attempted attack;
  • The victim was legally present upon the property where the attack happened; and,
  • The animal was not provoked during the encounter.

Note that the statute does not require a dog bite victim to prove that the owner had prior knowledge about the animal’s dangerous tendencies. Also, keep in mind that the owner can defend the action if you were trespassing or provoked the animal.

Our attorneys can help you understand how Illinois law works and discuss your options for recovering compensation after an attack.

Recover Compensation for Your Losses Due to Animal Owner Negligence

A victim who is injured as a result of a dog attack may be able to obtain compensation from the negligent pet owner who failed to secure the animal. As in other types of personal injury cases, the legal theory is that the victim sustained losses due to his or her injuries, and should be able to recover monetary damages.

If you’re injured by a dog, you may be entitled to such damages as:

  • The costs of medical treatment, including surgery, other procedures, therapy, and long-term care;
  • The income you lost if you were unable to work because of your injuries;
  • Pain and suffering as a result of the attack;
  • Damages due to your injury’s impact on your personal relationships, including loss of consortium and loss of society.

An Experienced Dog Bite Lawyer Can Help

Victims of animal attacks have rights to recover compensation for their injuries, but proving these cases can be complicated. The lawyers at Michael T. Friedman & Associates have the skills and in-depth legal knowledge to assist you in pursuing a negligent pet owner for your losses. For more information on dog bite cases, please visit us online. You can also call us at 312-339-8816 to schedule a free case assessment. You won’t be charged for our legal services unless you win, so get in touch with us today.

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