Semi Truck Accident Attorney in Chicago

Semi Truck Accident Attorney in Chicago

Fully-loaded semi trucks usually weigh at least 80,000 pounds. Moreover, regulators routinely grant waivers, so there are usually even bigger and heavier trucks on Illinois roads and highways. These massive vehicles usually travel at very high speeds. So, the resulting vehicle collisions often cause catastrophic injuries. Sometimes, it is difficult for victims to recover from their physical and emotional wounds.

Michael Friedman and his aggressive legal team fight for your rights throughout the personal injury claim process. The fight begins as we diligently work to collect evidence in support of your claim. Then, we use this evidence to put together a compelling legal theory of recovery. Then, during both mediation and trial, we press forward until we obtain the best possible result under the circumstances.

Injuries in Chicago Semi Truck Accidents

Large trucks are difficult to control, even if the driver is very experienced and the driving conditions are favorable. If there is any breakdown in any area, the resulting collision could cause injuries like:

  • Serious Burns: Diesel fuel burns at a different temperature from ordinary gasoline, and large trucks often carry hundreds of gallons of fuel. The resulting third or fourth-degree burns almost always require painful skin grafts in expensive burn units, followed by extensive physical therapy.
  • Broken Bones: Victims are often pinned under the truck for extended periods of time. The weight sometimes crushes bones instead of merely breaking them. These complex fractures usually require highly-invasive surgery that uses metal pins or plates to set the bone.
  • Internal Injuries: By the time emergency responders reach trapped victims, their internal organs have often been leaking blood for quite some time. As a result, victims are on the edge of hypovolemic shock before they even reach the hospital.

The hospital bills are often enormous in these cases. It is not unusual for them to exceed $100,000. Making matters worse, many health insurance companies deny coverage, citing liability reasons.

An attorney can write a letter of protection to medical providers. This letter enables victims to receive treatment from an experienced specialist without paying any money upfront. So, victims get the treatment they need instead of the treatment they are able to afford.

The Claims Process in Chicago Semi-Truck Accidents

Many times, victims do not even need to file suit to get fair compensation for their injuries. If the facts are reasonably clear, insurance companies have a legal duty to settle quickly.

The next step involves filing a petition in court. This petition triggers the discovery process. During this time, the victim and insurance company exchange information about their claims and defenses. This court-supervised process often yields game-changing information.

Next, most cases go to mediation. A third-party mediator, who is usually a retired judge or an unaffiliated Chicago personal injury lawyer, tries to facilitate a settlement between the two sides. If successful, mediation reduces the victim’s legal fees and also expedites the case’s resolution.

If a trial is necessary, it is usually before a judge or a jury. At trial, the victim/plaintiff must establish liability by a preponderance of the evidence (more likely than not).

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