Vernon Hills Truck Accident Attorney

Vernon Hills Truck Accident Attorney

When you are involved in a truck accident in Vernon Hills, your future may be unclear, and you may be scared about what is going to happen next. While nothing can change what has happened to you, our team at the law firm of Michael T. Friedman & Associates PC can provide a sense of clarity moving forward. Please contact us today to schedule your free case consultation.

Steps to Take after a Truck Accident

Taking the right steps after a truck accident can help to preserve your right to compensation for your losses. We encourage you to:

  • Document as much about the truck accident as possible. While it is very likely that you will be unable to document much at the scene of the accident due to the severity of your injuries, you should keep a journal of your recovery and any damages you suffer. You should also request a copy of the police report, and try to track down information about any witnesses involved.
  • Seek medical care and follow doctors’ treatment orders. You will probably need emergency medical care for your injuries – truck accidents are typically very serious when they are not fatal. But seeking emergency care is only the start of the process; you should seek treatment for all injuries you incur, even the minor ones, and follow your doctors’ prescribed orders to a T.
  • Don’t wait to bring forth a claim. In Illinois, you only have two years to file a lawsuit after a truck accident. If you wait longer than this, you may be barred from recovering compensation at all.
  • Call our law offices. You want to work with an attorney who is as compassionate as they are experienced – at Michael T. Friedman & Associates PC, we have just the team for you. Read more about what our law firm will do for you below.

What Our Law Firm Will Do for You

Truck accidents are particularly complex personal injury case types for two primary reasons: one, the level of injury that the plaintiff has suffered is often extremely severe, meaning that damages may total into the hundreds of thousands of dollars; and two, there are usually multiple parties who could be potentially liable for the accident, meaning that more than one defendant may be named.

Our law firm starts every case we take on with a free consultation. This is an opportunity for us to learn more about your truck accident, and for you to learn more about our legal services. If you decide to work with our law firm, we will:

  • Open an investigation into your case. Again, there may be multiple parties who share liability for a truck accident. Rather than making guesses, we hire experienced accident reconstruction experts, design experts, ECM data interpreters, and more to put together the pieces of how your accident happened.
  • Valuate your damages. We work hard to determine exactly how much you have suffered in economic and noneconomic losses. From there, we file a claim demanding that you be paid your full damages amount.
  • Negotiating on your behalf. It’s not uncommon for an insurance adjuster to lowball a claim; when this happens, we negotiate on your behalf, and will even take your case to court if that’s what it takes to get you the money you deserve.

Learn About Our Firm Today

To learn more about our legal services and how we can represent you after a truck accident in Vernon Hills, call our law offices today. You can also contact us online.

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