Wheaton Dog Bite Attorney

Wheaton Dog Bite Attorney

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Pet owners have a legal obligation to secure their animals and ensure they don’t present a risk of injury to other people. If a person fails to adhere to this duty, severe dog bites and other injuries may result.

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As the victim of an animal attack in the Wheaton area, it’s important to discuss your matter with a trusted personal injury lawyer at Michael T. Friedman & Associates right away. We understand how an injury can impact your life and family, so we’re dedicated to providing the personalized, knowledgeable advice you can rely on after such an incident.

Pet Owners Have Legal Obligations in Illinois

Illinois law requires dog owners to restrain their pets to ensure they don’t cause harm to other people. The Animal Control Act allows a victim to recover compensation if he or she can prove that:

  • The animal caused an injury through an attack or attempted attack;
  • The victim was legally present at the location where the attack happened; and,
  • The dog or other animal was not provoked or induced to attack.

The statute does not require a victim of an Illinois dog bite case to show that the owner had prior knowledge about the animal’s aggressive tendencies. In addition, note that the owner may have a defense if you were trespassing or provoked his or her pet.

Our lawyers will help you understand how the law works and discuss your options for filing a claim after an attack.

Seek Compensation When an Animal Owner is Negligent

A victim who sustains injuries after an animal attack can obtain compensation due to the negligence of the pet’s owner. The basis for the right to compensation in a dog bite case is the same as in other types of personal injury cases: The victim suffered losses due to his or her injuries, and is entitled to recover under a legal concept known as damages.

If you’re bitten by a dog, you may recover damages related to:

  • The costs of treating your injury, including surgery, rehabilitation, therapy, and long-term care, if applicable;
  • Your lost wages, if you’re unable to work during your recovery period;
  • The pain and suffering you experience as a result of your injuries;
  • Loss of consortium, society, or other losses impacting your personal relationships.

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If you or a loved one has suffered injuries from a dog bite, the lawyers at Michael T. Friedman & Associates can help you recover compensation for your losses. We’ve pursued personal injury cases on behalf of clients in the Wheaton area for more than two decades, and we’ll fight to protect your rights. You don’t pay for our services unless you win compensation, so contact us online today to set up a free initial consultation. You can also call us direct at 312-339-8816 to speak with an attorney.

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