College Student Hurt By Falling Ceiling Tile, Unsafe Conditions

College Student Hurt By Falling Ceiling Tile, Unsafe Conditions

Taking courses at your community college should be a safe and harmless experience. A student certainly should not have to worry about safety while attending a class. Unfortunately that was not the case for one local woman student. The student was hurt while attending a class at Cook County Community College in Chicago. While sitting in class, a ceiling tile fell down and hit her. She sustained injuries as a result. The woman has filed a lawsuit seeking damages because of her injuries. The suit seeks damages and a jury trial.

College Campus was Unsafe

According to the lawsuit, the college campus was not kept in a safe manner as it should have been. The ceiling tiles are supposed to be considered permanent fixtures of the building and are not supposed to fall down. The lawsuit indicates that the premises were not kept in a safe condition. The ceiling tile should not have fallen down – it should have been secured in place. The ceiling either deteriorated in condition or work was improperly completed, leaving the ceiling in a damaged and hazardous condition.

Inspection is Necessary

A general inspection for the safety of the public should be conducted on a regular basis. At a college campus, there is likely a repair crew on staff to handle such problems. The college is responsible for ensuring a safe environment for both students and employees, as well as anyone else who may be present. The problem with the ceiling should have been properly noted and reported so that it could be fixed. If there was danger of someone getting hurt, the college should have taken steps to keep everyone safe. They could have closed off the room, moving the class to another area.

Premises Negligence

Property owners must take proper care in making sure that the premises are safe. In this case, the college staff should have known that the ceiling tile was loose and could come down onto someone. The lawsuit was filed against Cook County Community College, District 508, and the City of Chicago. College campus locations are not the only premises that are required to maintain safety. All premises are to be kept in a reasonably safe manner. If a problem exists it must be corrected and people must be kept away from the area or warned of the danger.

Seek Justice

In this instance, as in many similar ones, the victim was seriously and permanently injured because of the negligence of another. The woman has suffered pain and has had to pay for medical treatment as a result of the injury. Ongoing medical care may be necessary. Additionally, the woman may be unable to work. A lawsuit is necessary to get compensation for these damages and others. For example, the woman could have a permanent loss of enjoyment of life because of a disability caused by the accident. If you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident that was not your fault, you may be entitled to money. Call the experienced legal team at Michael T. Friedman & Associates for a free initial consultation.



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