Faulty Ladder Prompts Lawsuit Against Construction Company

Faulty Ladder Prompts Lawsuit Against Construction Company

Companies need to provide a safe work environment for their employees, especially when they work on ladders. A man recently filed a lawsuit in Cook County after he fell from a ladder and was injured. The man worked for an insulation company and was hired to apply foam installation at a job site. The man informed his supervisor that the ladder provided was unsafe, so he and another worker were sent home for the day. Then, about a week later, the man was again working for the same company when he used another ladder. The ladder broke and the man fell approximately eight feet onto concrete, hurting himself. The lawsuit alleges negligence and personal injury liability.

Dangerous Work Conditions

In this case, as in many others, a workplace accident resulted in serious injuries. A fall from a ladder, such as the one in this incident, could cause quite a bit of physical harm, including broken bones, back injuries, and head trauma, along with less serious injuries like bruises. Employers are required to provide equipment that is safe for workers. In this instance, the ladder was broken and therefore should not have been used. The equipment used at a work site must be inspected and if it is damaged, it must be taken out of service. The company named in this lawsuit is liable for the welfare of its employees.

Falls from Ladders

Falls from ladders occur frequently and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 80 percent of construction worker falls occur due to faulty ladders. It is important to note that a ladder is a piece of equipment that must be regularly checked. The rungs and spreader bars can become bent or damaged and this could make the ladder unsafe. Wooden ladders can crack or split over time and the construction can break down, making them loose and dangerous. Metal ladders can bend or weaken over time and this can make them wobbly and unsafe. Falls from ladders can cause serious injuries such as the injuries the worker in this case reported.

Prevention of Falls

Accidents like falls can be prevented when negligence is to blame. When proper care is taken to ensure the safety of others, dangerous equipment can be fixed or replaced. Companies are required under OSHA to provide safe conditions for their employees. Businesses can face fines and other penalties if they are found to be non-compliant with OSHA standards. Daily inspection of ladders and other equipment can easily keep workers safe. Employees must also be trained on the safe use of ladders. When a faulty ladder is noted, it should not be used and the problem needs to be reported to a supervisor.

Work with a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney

A serious injury that was caused by the negligence of another may require a lawsuit. Those who are victims of negligent actions are entitled to compensation to cover the damages they sustained as a result. Some of the compensation that may be due includes medical costs, lost wages, and money for pain and suffering. If the injury is permanent or requires additional rehabilitation or treatment, there may be additional expenses to be considered. If you or a loved one were injured because of the negligence of someone else, contact the experienced team of personal injury lawyers at Michael T. Friedman & Associates, P.C. for a legal consultation.



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