Icy Sidewalk Caused Serious Fall, Lawsuit

Icy Sidewalk Caused Serious Fall, Lawsuit

Shopping at a grocery store is supposed to be a safe activity, even after it snows. An icy sidewalk caused one shopper to slip and fall, which resulted in the shopper suffering serious permanent injuries. The woman was walking from the parking lot to the grocery store entrance when she slipped and fell on the ice. According to the lawsuit filed in Cook County, the grocery store, Food 4 Less, was negligent by not providing a safe walkway for customers. Additionally, there were no posted signs to warn people of the potentially hazardous situation. The lawsuit also names the parent company, Kroger, and the property owners.

Walkways Must Be Safe

Snow and ice can create dangerous walkways. Store and property owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of their customers. This means that when icy conditions exist, it is up to them to have the areas safely cleared. Sidewalks and parking lots may require a great deal of snow management to provide a safe area for people and cars. The type of snow, the temperature, and other factors impact the methods used to clear pathways. Sometimes, clearing the snow improperly can actually cause a more dangerous problem, especially if there is ice under the snow.

Negligence of Shop Owners

When snow or ice on a sidewalk or walkway is not properly removed, it poses a danger to others. The danger is one that the owners and managers should know to exist. It is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure that all public areas are cleared and cleaned in a manner that produces a safe result. In this case, the store owner and the property owners allegedly did not keep the walkways properly cleared and therefore were negligent. The woman’s injuries are a direct result of the failure on the part of the store and property owners to keep the area safe.

Falls on Ice Can Be Serious

People slip and fall often, but not all falls result in serious injuries. Falls on ice can be especially serious because of the hard surface. Ice can make the person’s feet slip and the fall can be quite hard. It is difficult to try to catch yourself on an icy surface, so there are often serious injuries that result from such an incident. Broken bones, serious sprains, back injuries, and bruises can be a result of a fall. A head injury can also occur if the head hits the ground forcefully. In this instance, the woman indicates that her injuries were serious and permanent and she will require ongoing medical treatment.

Consider Personal Injury Litigation with a Chicago Attorney

Those injured in falls that were not their fault could be entitled to monetary compensation to pay for their medical bills and other damages. Snow, ice, water, and carpeting can all cause slippery conditions if the surfaces are not properly maintained. Serious injuries may require expensive medical treatments, surgeries, and rehabilitation. Some injuries can be permanent. When you or a loved one were hurt because of the negligence of someone else, get the money you deserve to cover your damages. Contact the skilled team of personal injury attorneys at Michael T. Friedman & Associates, P.C. to evaluate your case.



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