Illinois Man Facing Possible Charges for Role in Fatal Motorcycle Crash

Illinois Man Facing Possible Charges for Role in Fatal Motorcycle Crash

While some accidents happen because someone makes a simple mistake, there are many other car accidents that occur because someone makes a careless or reckless choice. It’s in these kinds of situations that speaking with an experienced auto accident lawyer should be one of the first moves you make after an accident has occurred.

A three-vehicle crash left one man dead and another man injured in the Burr Ridge area recently. According to reports, a motorcyclist was killed after his bike was struck by a Chevy while the driver of the Chevy was attempting to merge back into traffic from the right shoulder of the freeway. As the motorcycle merged onto the freeway at the same time as a Hummer was merging, the Chevy reportedly pulled into the lane as well and struck the motorcycle. The force of the collision caused the motorcycle to smash into the rear of the Hummer. The driver of the motorcycle, a 30-year-old man, was taken to a nearby hospital but he did not survive the crash.

Meanwhile, the driver of the Chevy was also hurt and was in the hospital at the time of this report. Authorities were still investigating the crash and trying to determine the exact cause. However, according to reports, the 43-year-old man who was driving the Chevy could end up being charged, as authorities said charges were still pending. The driver of the Hummer, a 38-year-old man from Minooka, was not injured in the crash. Any car accident that leads to someone dying is obviously a terrible tragedy. While it is yet to be completely determined how this accident occurred, it appears that the man driving the Chevy was responsible for the crash and ultimately the motorcyclist’s death.

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