Lawsuit Filed for Injuries Suffered in Lime Waste Accident

Lawsuit Filed for Injuries Suffered in Lime Waste Accident

A lawsuit was filed in Cook County by a man who suffered injuries after a lime waste accident. The man, a truck driver, was working as a waste hauler when he was hurt in a silo accident. The lawsuit was filed against Arcelormittal USA, Coke Energy, and others stating negligence caused the man to be seriously hurt. According to the filing, the defendants should have known about the unsafe condition and failed to prevent it or to warn anyone about it.

Lime Waste

Lime waste is a type of hazardous waste product that is generated as a result of the treatment of waste. Lime is an EPA approved substance for treating metals by converting them to stable forms that are less harmful to the environment. Lime also is used as a neutralizer for acidic materials. In this case, the lime waste was contained in a silo, which was then to be emptied into a truck and removed from the location. Lime waste can be extremely toxic and is dangerous when it comes into contact with the body, particularly the eyes.

Serious Accident

The man was at the silo loading lime waste into his truck when the accident occurred. According to the man there was a pocket of air that broke open causing the lime waste to overflow the truck. The lime waste landed on the man and actually got into his eyes, which caused eye damage. The lawsuit states that the company should have known about the possible air pocket and should have warned drivers of the potential for an accident to occur.

Eye Injuries Are Dangerous

Lime waste got into the man’s eyes in this case and caused a severe injury. The eyes are very sensitive to chemicals and other foreign substances. When something such as lime waste gets into the eyes it can cause extreme damage including loss of sight. The lawsuit does not detail the extent of the man’s eye injuries; however, it does state that the damages were significant and permanent. Some eye injuries will heal with proper medical care while other times the damage is lasting. An injury such as this could prevent the man from being able to drive a truck in the future.

Negligence Caused Injury

This lawsuit and others like it show that better safety measures may sometimes need to be put into place. The driver in this case was not aware that there could be a spillover and therefore did not take precautions against it. The defendants are responsible for providing a safe environment. Negligence on the part of the defendants caused the man to suffer a permanent disability. His lawsuit is seeking damages of more than $50,000. Damages usually include compensation for medical bills, costs of future medical treatment, lost wages, and money for pain and suffering. He may also be entitled to money for loss of future earnings if he is no longer able to drive a truck.

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