Mother Sues Concert Venue for Son’s Deadly Accident

Mother Sues Concert Venue for Son’s Deadly Accident

Attending a concert is supposed to be a fun experience, not a dangerous one. Yet for one young man, the concert turned deadly. The man fell from a catwalk onto metal rods and suffered fatal puncture wounds. His mother has filed a lawsuit against Aragon Entertainment Center, Inc. and several other companies connected with the concert. The lawsuit alleges negligence on the part of the property owners by failing to make sure that the venue was safe. The lawsuit seeks damages of more than $50,000 as well as legal fees.

Fall from Catwalk Proved Deadly

According to the details of the lawsuit, the young man and his friends attended a concert at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago. The group attempted to go to the balcony using a door that they thought would lead them there. Instead, the door led them onto a catwalk, which was elevated. The man fell through the catwalk, landing about 3 to 4 feet below. Unfortunately, he landed directly on some metal rods that protruded through the area where he fell. The wounds were fatal – he died from the injuries he sustained.

Puncture Wounds

This gruesome and unusual accident certainly could have been avoided. Puncture wounds are among the most difficult to treat because they can easily damage internal organs and cause bleeding that will be fatal very quickly. Repairs from such injuries are difficult if not impossible. The most important thing is to immediately stop the bleeding and seek medical attention. Surgery may be necessary for deep wounds in order to close the puncture and stop bleeding. These types of wounds can also become infected quite easily.

No Warning Signs

In this case, there were no signs posted that would warn people of potential danger. The door should have been locked if it led to an unsafe place. Further, the area should not have been left with such a serious safety concern. The catwalk is not meant for the general public but the group was able to get into the location without any problem. The catwalk itself was not safe and the owners should have taken care to secure the area and remove any unsafe conditions. The metal rods were certainly a serious concern because they could cause serious injury as they did in this case. The venue was negligent by failing to keep an area safe.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The mother of the victim in this case filed the lawsuit to seek compensation for the damages from the accident. Were it not for the negligence of the defendants in this case, the incident would not have occurred. The defendant failed to check the catwalk area for safety and did not post signs warning about the dangerous condition. In litigation such as this, the victim or his beneficiary may be entitled to collect money for medical bills, loss of life, costs for funeral expenses, and loss of life.

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