Negligent Contractor Caused Woman’s Injuries

Negligent Contractor Caused Woman’s Injuries

When we pass a construction site we usually walk by without incident. Sometimes, however, the construction site is not safe and an accident may happen. This happened to one woman who was injured while walking past a temporary construction location in Chicago. She was struck with a portion of fencing that fell onto her and caused her serious injuries. The woman filed a lawsuit in Cook County seeking compensation for her permanent injuries.

Contractor’s Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of the contractor to always provide safe premises, not only for workers and employees, but also for the general public or others who are nearby. The woman in this case was simply walking by the construction area when the fence reportedly fell and landed on her. Fencing, even the temporary type, can be heavy and may also contain sharp, dangerous parts. The contractor must take steps to make sure that the area is safe. This means they must inspect the construction site on a regular basis, which was purportedly not done in this instance.

Negligence on the Job Site

Negligence occurs when someone does something that is known to be dangerous. In this case, the contractor failed to properly survey the site. They should have known that there is a potential for danger and must take the necessary safety precautions. The fencing was not secure and fell, hitting the woman as she walked by. The fencing should have been properly secured and if it became loose the contractor should have fixed it immediately.

Premises Must Be Safe

All premises, including construction sites, must be kept safe. Construction sites can be especially hazardous, so extra care is required. The premises must be safe for everyone, including those walking by. For this reason, construction sites require workers to wear protective gear such as helmets and steel-toed shoes. The area must be cordoned off so that the hazards are kept in a specific location. The accident in this case occurred because the protective fencing itself was loose and hit someone.

Serious and Permanent Injuries

The lawsuit indicates that the woman suffered severe permanent injuries due to being hit with the fence. The exact injuries are not stated, however, they are likely quite debilitating. The woman has probably required extensive medical treatment and will need future care as well. Additionally, she may not be able to return to work or may not be able to work again at all. The woman may also be disabled and will need support to assist her with her regular activities.

Regardless of how severe her injuries are, she is entitled to compensation for her damages. In cases like this one, victims should consult with a construction accident attorney as soon as possible to ensure that they receive enough money to cover all of her current and future expenses. If you are hurt in a negligent accident, do not settle with the insurance company until you consult with a personal injury attorney. Your lawyer will review your case and help you get the proper dollar amount. While nothing can be done to change the circumstances, you can seek justice for the injury. Contact the experienced lawyers at Michael T. Friedman & Associates for a consultation today.



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