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Our Chicago auto accident lawyers have been proudly serving injury victims in our community for more than two decades

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, you may need to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other types of damages. Get the powerful representation you need by working with a Chicago auto accident attorney at Michael T. Friedman & Associates in Chicago. Our respected firm has a history of success, serving injury victims and their families throughout our community since 1992. We understand the impact of a personal injury on you and your loved ones, and we leverage our years of experience to your benefit.

An auto accident can occur at any time

According to the Chicago Department of Transportation, in 2013 about 77 percent of auto accidents in the city occurred during clear weather conditions, while 72 percent happened when there were dry roads and 62 percent occurred during the day. Thus, issues like poor visibility and slippery conditions are only factors in a small portion of crashes, and driver negligence is most likely to be the cause of your collision. Driving while distracted, drunk or fatigued are common causes of car accidents. These statistics show that you cannot predict when an accident will happen. When one does occur, it is essential that you are represented by an experienced personal injury attorney at our firm. We are ready to help you get the compensation you need after a serious accident.

Our car crash lawyer fights for your right to compensation

Auto accident victims often negotiate on their own with an insurance company. In our years of practice, we have seen that victims are disadvantaged in their negotiations because they lack the support system and knowledge of an experienced Chicago auto accident attorney. At our firm, our goal is to fight for you to get as much money as possible on your claim, even if it means going to trial. With us representing you, it is a fair fight, and you have a better chance of getting the result you want. You deserve to work with an attorney who doesn’t back down until you get the results you need after a personal injury. In every accident case, we conduct a thorough investigation, retain reputable medical and accident experts, and vigorously negotiate and litigate to the end. We have tried many dozens of car accident cases and have a demonstrated record of success.

A respected personal injury law firm in Chicago

If you or someone you know has been injured in an auto accident, meet with an experienced auto accident lawyers at Michael T. Friedman & Associates. From our office in The Loop, we serve individuals and families throughout the Chicago area. We also take on cases on a contingency basis, so you pay no attorney’s fees unless your claim is successful. To set up a free consultation, please call 312-339-8816 or contact us online today

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