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When a commercial truck accident occurs, one likely factor is the negligence of either the driver or the company that owns the rig. It takes a skilled and experienced truck accident attorney from Michael T. Friedman & Associates to determine fault and truck accident negligence in these crashes, following up with swift legal action to seek the compensation you need and deserve. Over our many years of experience, we have built a reputation for delivering personal attention and powerful representation to each of our clients. To work with a respected law firm with a history of success, turn to us.

Negligence is a major factor in many trucking accidents

Truck drivers may be negligent when they engage in activities such as distracted driving. Texting while driving has become a particularly serious problem, as responding to the average text message takes a driver’s eyes off the road for about five seconds at a time. Another common problem is drunk driving, which is a dangerous activity for any motorist. The size and weight of a commercial truck makes potential collisions much more severe.

Another party at fault for a truck accident could be the trucking company, which may hire inexperienced or unqualified drivers and allow them to hit the road without adequate training. Semi-trucks are complicated pieces of equipment, and it takes a skilled and experienced driver to handle them — especially in heavy traffic or inclement weather. Trucking companies must also be sure to inspect their trucks and engage in regular maintenance to ensure they are safe for road and highway travel.

In their rush to make tight delivery schedules, drivers or trucking companies may knowingly violate federal regulations on travel and rest time, forcing drivers to operate for longer periods of time. This leads to drowsy driving and reduced reaction times for drivers, and operators may feel the need to exceed posted speed limits to make better time.

In addition, trucking companies need to adhere to safety standards when loading trailers, being careful not to overload them or allow trucks to leave a shipping dock with an imbalanced load. Improper loading can lead to vehicle rollovers and other dangerous accidents.

If you believe negligence on the part of a driver or trucking company was a factor in your crash, we will investigate the circumstances of the accident and determine fault. This makes it easier to file an effective personal injury claim against the responsible parties and their insurance companies.

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