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Trusted Chicago injury attorney representing the victims of
animal bites

Trusted Chicago Dog Bite Attorney Representing the Victims of Animal Bites

An experienced Chicago dog bite attorney serving our community for more than two decades

Animal owners have a responsibility to secure their pets and make sure they don’t pose a threat to others. If they fail to do so, serious dog bites and other injuries may occur. If you’re dealing with the aftermath of an animal attack in the Chicago area, meet with a trusted┬áChicago dog bite attorney at Michael T. Friedman & Associates. We understand the true impact of an injury on you and your loved ones, and we deliver the personal attention and powerful advice you need after one of these accidents occurs.

Pet owners must take proper precautions

Illinois law is quite strict when it comes to the responsibility of dog and pet owners to secure their animals and protect others from the potential hazards they present. In certain circumstances, owners are liable for the injuries their animals cause, and may face Class 2 felony criminal charges if their dog had previously been deemed vicious. To seek damages from a negligent pet owner, we generally must demonstrate that the animal:

  • Injured, attacked or tried to attack you
  • Attacked you while you had a legal right to be on the property where the incident occurred
  • Was not provoked in any way immediately before the attack took place.

We help you understand our state’s liability laws and if you should file a claim after an animal attack.

Seeking compensation from a negligent animal owner

Under state law, injured parties may seek compensation for both dog bites and other animal behaviors causing harm, such as when large dogs jump up on people and knock them down. This is also a common issue for mail carriers and package delivery professionals, who sometimes need to enter premises where there are dangerous, unrestrained dogs and other animals.

It’s also important to understand that Illinois is a strict liability state, so there is no “free bite” rule that allows pet owners to escape liability if it was the first time their animal attacked someone. In other words, any situation in which an animal injuries you or a loved one when it has not been provoked, the owner is likely liable for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. After a dog bite or animal attack, we help you determine if or how the owner may have been at fault.

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