Children’s Injuries

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When an injury happens to a child, it can cause a great deal of anger and emotion. If you need to take action to hold a negligent party accountable after an accident, speak with an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer at Michael T. Friedman & Associates. We have more than two decades of experience helping the families of injured children. We fully understand the impact of an injury on your entire family, and we keep our caseload low so that we can provide you with the personal attention and service you need and deserve.

The unique circumstances of child injury claims

In personal injury claims involving kids, the law generally assumes that minors do not have the same level of judgment as adults. However, children still have the right to seek compensation for injuries, disabilities, and pain and suffering that results from an accident due to someone else’s actions or negligence. Additionally, parents may pursue monetary damages covering medical bills paid for the child’s care. In Illinois, a child’s parents or guardians are allowed to negotiate a settlement on behalf of the minor.

Common injury issues impacting kids

There are a number of typical scenarios in which children may suffer injuries, with one of the most common being at school. Unsafe playground equipment or a lack of adequate supervision could result in a serious accident, as can injuries that occur while kids are playing sports like soccer, football, baseball, and softball. Also, while transporting kids to or from school or while on a field trip, bus drivers and busing companies need to ensure they take all necessary safety precautions to keep their passengers safe and avoid auto accidents.

Issues related to food have become increasingly common, as many children today have allergies to peanuts and other types of food. If a school cafeteria cooks lunch and accidentally uses peanut oil, for example, it could cause serious problems for children with these allergies. If an allergic reaction is serious enough to require medical care, the child’s parents may choose to seek damages from the school and/or food vendor.

Additionally, kids may suffer injuries from dangerous toys, including those containing small parts that present choking hazards. Defective manufacturing and poor designs are particular problems, as companies may rush toys to production without properly testing them for use by children of all ages. Regardless of the cause of your child’s injuries, our personal injury attorneys have the experience you need to take swift legal action against the parties at fault.

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