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We understand the impact of a personal injury on you and your loved ones and our Chicago slip and fall attorney is here for you.

If a property owner does not properly care for their premises, slip and fall accidents can occur, which may result in broken bones, head injuries and various other serious issues. After a slip and fall in the Chicago area, turn to a skilled personal injury attorney at Michael T. Friedman &Associates as soon as possible. We have years of experience with a wide range of injury claims, and we have won numerous high-stakes cases in the past two decades. We are known for offering exceptional personal attention and powerful representation, and we purposefully keep our caseload low so that we can continue to provide you with the high-quality service.

Common causes of slip and fall accidents

Although slip and fall accidents may happen anywhere, the most common scenarios involve businesses like grocery stores, retailers and restaurants. Property owners have a responsibility to maintain safe conditions for their guests, and a failure to do so could make them liable for injuries that result. The following are some of the most common causes of these accidents:

  • Slippery surfaces: A typical situation involves stores or restaurants failing to quickly clean up spills or provide warning that a floor has been recently mopped. This often results in back injuries, head injuries and broken bones.
  • Broken sidewalks: A property owner’s obligations are not limited to indoors. If you slip and fall due to poorly maintained sidewalks, you may be able to seek compensation for the resulting personal injury.
  • Blocked aisles/walkways: In retail stores, employees may stock shelves and leave ladders or boxes in the aisles, creating obstacles and potential hazards for customers.

If you have been injured on someone else’s property, we can help you get the compensation you need.

Proving negligence after a slip and fall

To be successful in a premises liability claim, you typically must prove that the owner had a duty of care to keep others safe. The fact that you were on the property during a business’s hours of operation implies that you were an invited guest, and therefore that the owner had a duty to protect you. It’s also important to demonstrate that the owner breached this duty of care by failing to address a potential hazard in an efficient manner.

For example, if a customer drops a gallon of milk in a grocery store, staff members must quickly move to clean it up as soon as they are aware the problem exists. If they do so within 15 minutes, a reasonable amount of time, then a premises liability claim might not be successful. If the store allowed the hazard to persist for a longer period of time and it’s clear that the staff knew about it and did nothing to fix the problem, your chances at success are much greater. Our team will help you determine if your potential claim is likely to result in compensation for you and your loved ones.

Work with a skilled Chicago personal injury attorney

After a slip and fall accident resulting in a significant injury, meet with a dedicated lawyer at Michael T. Friedman & Associates. Our office is located in the heart of The Loop, at Michigan and Lake, across from Millennium Park in Chicago. We take cases on a contingency basis, so you pay no attorney’s fees unless your claim is successful. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 312-339-8816 or contact us online today

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