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Spinal cord injuries can be extremely serious, sometimes causing paralysis and requiring long-term care for victims. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured due to someone else’s negligence, work with an accessible and assertive attorney at Michael T. Friedman & Associates in Chicago. We have experience with a broad range of personal injury claims and have built a reputation for excellence based on the success we’ve achieved over the past two decades. We purposefully keep our caseload low so that we can deliver the powerful representation and personal attention you need and deserve during a difficult time.

Common causes of spinal cord injuries

Spine and back injuries are usually serious and can change your life forever, as you may have to deal with chronic pain or, in the most severe cases, paralysis. The following are the most common scenarios we see result in these types of injuries:

  • Auto accidents: When one vehicle rear-ends another, the drivers and passengers in the front car may experience whiplash, a common spine and neck condition resulting from the auto accident. This may require ongoing care to treat, if the condition is treatable at all.
  • Workplace accidents: If scaffolding collapses at a work site or you experience some other type of accident on the job, you could suffer a serious back injury. Although your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance should provide you with benefits as you recover, sometimes employers or their insurance companies may try to deny workers’ comp claims.
  • Slips and falls: Hazardous conditions on a property may result in serious accidents and injuries for customers or guests. It’s up to the premises owner to address these issues in a reasonably quick manner to protect others and prevent slip and fall accidents from occurring.

We are passionate about holding negligent parties accountable when their irresponsible actions (or lack of action) result in back and spine injuries for victims. It’s also important to note that even if you had a pre-existing back problem, you may still be able to collect damages if the problem was exacerbated through the accident in question. Although the process will be more challenging, as the responsible party’s insurance company will likely argue that your injury already existed beforehand, we have handled these types of claims in the past — with a significant degree of success.

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