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Both the federal and state Occupational Safety and Health Administrations have enacted regulations that apply to all Illinois employers, which require them to comply with safety standards for crane operation. The failure to abide by these rules puts employees who work on or around cranes at risk of severe injury. If you have been injured, our Chicago crane accident attorneys can help.

Taking on Tough Injury Cases for More Than 20 Years

As the victim of a crane accident in the Chicago area, it’s critical to consult with a skilled personal injury lawyer at right away. Our attorneys at Michael T. Friedman & Associates have more than two decades of experience representing the interests of crane injury victims, and we take on the tough challenges presented by these types of cases.

Regulations Covering Crane Operation

Moving large and heavy loads is a core component of many industries, especially in the manufacturing and construction sectors. Cranes and crane technology have been developed to assist with these tasks, but there are also serious safety issues involved with their operation, including:

  • Being struck by the load carried by the crane;
  • Electrocution;
  • Failure of the crane’s boom or cable;
  • Crane tip over;
  • Threat of injury during assembly or disassembly of crane apparatus; and,
  • Falls from the crane.

Federal and state regulations are intended to reduce the risks for both the operator and employees within the vicinity of a crane, covering such areas as:

  • Training and certification of operators;
  • Establishing procedures for assembly and disassembly, as designated by the employer or crane manufacturer;
  • Safety requirements for power lines;
  • Safety devices and operational aids;
  • Rules regarding inspection of cranes, booms, cables, and associated equipment;
  • Work area controls;
  • Gear to safeguard against falls;
  • Regulations regarding controlled hoisting and lowering of loads;
  • Signals and signal personnel qualifications; and,
  • Many other topics.

Your Rights to Compensation After a Crane Accident

Victims of crane accidents suffer a wide range of injuries, but there are options to recover compensation from employers that fail to abide by the safety standards established by law. The basis of a personal injury claim in such cases is that your employer failed to provide safe workplace, and you were injured as a result. You may be able to recover for such losses as:

  • The costs of medical treatment;
  • Lost income;
  • Pain and suffering; and,
  • Other losses you may suffer under the circumstances.

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For more information on crane accident cases, please contact the Chicago crane accident attorneys at Michael T. Friedman & Associates. We’re happy to answer your questions and explain more about your options to recover compensation for the losses you suffer after a workplace-related injury. Our lawyers have the experience and legal knowledge necessary to protect your rights, as we’ve represented many victims throughout the Chicago area. You don’t pay for our services unless you win compensation, so contact us online  to set up a free case assessment or call us direct at 312-339-8816 today.

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