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Federal and state regulations require employers to maintain a safe workplace, which extends to protecting employees against excess noise that exists in some industries. Hearing loss and similar medical conditions can result, causing losses for victims. Our top Chicago hearing loss lawyers can help you. 

More Than 20 Years of Dedication to Victims

If you’ve suffered loss of hearing due to conditions at your job, the attorneys at Michael T. Friedman & Associates can help. Our lawyers have more than two decades of experience representing victims in all types of work-related incidents, including conditions that affect auditory senses. Losing a physical capability that’s as important as your hearing has profound consequences for your health, lifestyle, and family. We provide knowledgeable legal counsel you can rely on after suffering such a loss.

Regulations Exist to Protect Your Hearing

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) addresses loss of hearing in the workplace, by enacting regulations intended to prevent employees from developing an auditory-related condition. Illinois employers must:

  • Establish administrative or engineering controls to reduce sound levels when they reach designated levels, where possible;
  • Provide protection against the effects of noise exposure when the levels exceed certain levels, if controls are impossible or impractical.
  • Administer an appropriate hearing conservation program when exposure to excessive noise lasts longer than eight hours, based upon a time-weighted average;
  • Conduct audiometric testing as designed by OSHA; and,
  • Comply with other OSHA requirements.

In many loss of hearing cases, the injury results from prolonged and continuous exposure to excessive noise or from exposure to a sudden and extreme sound.

Obtain the Compensation You Deserve from a Loss of Hearing Injury

An employer’s failure to comply with state and federal regulations can result in two different types of hearing loss:

  1. Conductive, as when a part of the ear cannot transmit sound waves to the eardrum; and,
  2. Sensorineural, where there is damage to the central nerve, inner ear, or portion of the brain that processes sound.

You may be able to recover compensation for loss of hearing due these conditions, such as:

  • The costs of treating your hearing loss, including surgery, rehabilitation, and various forms of therapy;
  • Your lost wages, if you were out of work due to your hearing condition or treatment;
  • Pain and suffering; and,
  • Other losses that result from not being able to hear, especially if the condition is permanent.

Trust an Experienced Attorney to Protect Your Rights After a Loss of Hearing Accident

If you’ve sustained hearing loss or some condition due to sound levels in the workplace, the lawyers at Michael T. Friedman & Associates can assist you in recovering compensation for your injuries. Our attorneys have years of experience pursuing employers who fail to provide a safe environment for employees, and we’ll fight to protect your rights. We don’t charge legal fees unless you win, so please visit us online  to set up a free initial consultation. You can also call our Chicago office direct at 312-339-8816.

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