Slip and Fall at Home Depot Caused Injuries, Lawsuit

Slip and Fall at Home Depot Caused Injuries, Lawsuit

Shopping isn’t supposed to be dangerous. When you stop at the hardware store you should not have to worry about getting hurt. Yet that is exactly what happened to one man while shopping at Home Depot. The man slipped and fell on a slick floor because of an oil leak from the pipe-cutting machine. The man suffered injuries that were severe and permanent. A lawsuit was filed against Home Depot for damages caused by the negligent accident.


According to the allegations, the store was negligent because they failed to keep their premises safe. The store has a pipe-cutting machine that is used to cut materials for customers. The machine was leaking oil, which had gotten onto the floor in an area where customers walk. The store personnel should have taken care to ensure that the area was safe, especially when there was a machine located nearby. Business owners are required by law to maintain a reasonably safe condition inside their premises.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and falls are among the most common type of accidents that occur. Many people are injured each year because of a fall. A number of people suffer injuries that are permanently disabling or die due to dangerous falls. Falls can cause a number of different types of injuries ranging from bruises to broken bones and head trauma. While bruises and sprains will usually heal with no further medical treatment, some injuries are much worse. For example, hitting your head during a fall could cause traumatic brain injury, TBI, which is a permanent disability with significant periods of recovery. In this case, the man suffered a permanent injury because of the fall.

Inspection of Premises

Businesses are required to provide safe premises for their customers and employees. The Illinois premises liability act provides details for owners regarding their responsibilities. One of the responsibilities is to inspect the premises and identify any potential hazards. The business must take steps to resolve any hazards they find or to inform people of the potential of a dangerous situation. They must then fix the problem and remove the danger in a timely manner. According to the lawsuit in this case, that was not done. Instead, the business knew about the oil on the floor but did nothing to protect people from the dangers.

Damages Caused by Injury

In this instance, the business knew, or should have known, that a dangerous condition existed. Because they did not do anything about it they were allegedly negligent. The man who fell has suffered a serious loss. He has likely accumulated many expensive medical bills for treatment and care. He also has probably been unable to go to work, so he has lost wages. He has ongoing treatment and care which may be ongoing for the rest of his life. Additionally, he has endured a great deal of pain and suffering because of the injury. These expenses will be a major financial burden on the family. The lawsuit seeks compensation for these costs. If you or a family member was injured because of the negligence of another, contact Michael T. Friedman & Associates for a consultation. We are eager to help you today.



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