The Facts About Traumatic Head Injuries

The Facts About Traumatic Head Injuries

Some of the worst kinds of injuries people can suffer are traumatic brain or head injuries (TBI). These types of injuries can lead to long-term consequences, including physical, emotional and mental anguish. Sometimes, when people get hurt initially they don’t always feel the effects of their injuries. However, head and brain injuries can have delayed effects that can be very damaging. While more and more studies have been done concerning traumatic brain injuries, there are still many things that remain unknown about these damaging injuries.

There are also many common myths about head and brain injuries, which can lead to more confusion and misunderstanding. Some of those myths include:

  • The belief that you have to lose consciousness in order to have a TBI – brain injuries do not always present uniformly and new research shows that a TBI can occur even though the victim never loses consciousness.
  • Armored helmets will protect a TBI from happening – many people in the military suffer serious head injuries even though they have the latest advancement in protective headgear. While these advancements are great they cannot always prevent TBI.
  • Without blood there is no TBI – not all head injuries are the same and they don’t all display the same symptoms. Some occur from penetrating wounds, while others occur from blunt trauma without any penetration. Either way a person can suffer a TBI.
  • Mild TBIs are not that bad – some think that a mild concussion or head injury is not that bad. While it’s true that severe head trauma is worse than mild head trauma, less-severe brain injuries can linger for months and their symptoms can persist for years.
  • If someone looks OK after a blow to the head they are fine – while it might seem like anyone who has suffered a TBI will show it physically, the fact is that person may seem perfectly normal at first. However, the symptoms could show up later and the damage could still be considerable.

These facts provide some interesting information about brain injuries, their causes, effects and treatment. While there is still much to be discovered and understood about these types of injuries, the fact is they are still very serious to those who suffer them. Additionally, anyone who does suffer a serious head or brain injury due to another person’s reckless or negligent actions or lack of action should speak with a personal injury lawyer who handles these types of cases. At the law office of Michael T. Friedman & Associates, PC, we understand the effects of these injuries and we have handled many case involving head injuries. Therefore, please call us at 312-339-8816 or click here for help with a personal injury lawsuit regarding a brain injury.



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