Two People File Lawsuits After Suffering Broken Spines in Similar Manner

Two People File Lawsuits After Suffering Broken Spines in Similar Manner

Many people in Chicago love to get outside on those warm sunny days and enjoy the day on a boat or some other type of watercraft. Cruising the waterways of the area can be a lot fun and provide great excitement and entertainment for just about anyone. Now imagine being aboard a boat ride with a passenger boating company when suddenly you feel a terrible jarring sensation followed by excruciating pain in your back and spine. Who is to blame for this kind of accident? Should you be responsible for your own injuries since you voluntarily got on board, or is the boating company to blame for acting negligently?

Recently, on two separate occasions, two people suffered very similar boating injuries while riding aboard a boat from the same boating excursion company. Now both people have filed separate lawsuits seeking damages for their injuries. The first incident occurred last August when a 72-year-old man claims that he suffered a fractured spine after the captain of the boat made reckless decisions by speeding over choppy water and making sudden spin moves in the jet boat. In the man’s suit filed in February, he claims that he suffered fractures to his vertebra, as well as tears to several tendons nerves and ligaments in his back and spine. He is seeking damages of $850,000.

In a similar fashion, a school teacher, who boarded a boat form the same boat tour company during a field trip with students, also claims that she suffered a broken spine. She claims that her accident happened after the captain of the boat intentionally steered the watercraft over the top of a wave or wake in the water. She clams that this action caused her to become airborne form her seat before landing hard again on the non-cushioned location. Her lawsuit claims that she suffered a traumatic “burst compression fracture of the thoracic spine.” She is seeking $589,000 in damages.

In both cases, these lawsuits claim that the captain of the boating company was responsible for the passengers’ injuries. It will be interesting to see how these cases play out in the future. Meanwhile, if you have suffered a spinal injury from any kind of accident, then you should seek the help of an experienced personal injury attorney in Chicago. Don’t let your injuries and pain go uncompensated. Please contact the law Offices of Michael T. Friedman & Associates, PC for help. We will determine if you have a solid case then fight for your rights and seek the compensation that you deserve. Call us today at 312-339-8816, or click here



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