Two Separate Crashes Involving Same Woman Leave One Dead, Two Hurt

Two Separate Crashes Involving Same Woman Leave One Dead, Two Hurt

It’s always a tragedy when someone makes dangerous or reckless decisions on the road and causes a serious accident. When people are hurt in these kinds of accidents they often suffer long lasting consequences that can negatively affect them in many different ways. Anyone who is a victim of another person’s reckless or careless actions on the road might be eligible to receive compensation.

One woman was killed and two other people were seriously hurt after two separate crashes occurred involving the same woman. According to authorities, the woman in question was apparently speeding and driving erratically when she crashed into another vehicle. Authorities say that after the first crash, the woman kept driving. She was reportedly involved in another crash a short time later. Investigators say that the woman who was killed died in the first accident, which reportedly involved three cars. The driver of the second vehicle in the second crash survived the car accident but was reportedly seriously injured.

Officers said that they are not yet sure if the woman in question was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol or if she had suffered some kind of medical condition. Officials are still awaiting the results from the toxicology tests to come back. Meantime, they have not issued in citations to any of the drivers at this point. However charges could still be forthcoming after the accident reconstruction team determines exactly what happened in each accident, including how fast the woman was driving and whether or not the other vehicles involved were stopped or moving when the crashes occurred.

There are several questions that still have to be answered in this incident, but if investigators determine that the woman in question was negligent or reckless in her actions she could be held responsible for the other woman’s death, and for the injuries of the other drivers that were hurt. That would also mean that the victims and/or their families could pursue personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits against the woman if she is charged. Anyone in this kind of situation should consider speaking with a Chicago injury lawyer at the very least. At the Law Offices of Michael T. Friedman & Associates, PC, we offer strong and professional legal representation to individuals, and their families, who have been hurt or killed in auto accidents. Please contact or call us today at 312-339-8816.



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